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Awanya Indigo ponchos with ladies


I have always had a passion for traditional crafts and natural textiles. Over the years I’ve explored many different mediums and art forms. As a self-taught designer and artist creating one of a kind pieces has always been my intention and goal.


My travels brought me to beautiful places where I learned local languages, participated in traditional  ceremonies, and immersed myself in culture.  I learned to weave on a backstop loom in Guatemala, carve stone in Maine, and how to weave baskets by the river in Hawaii. 

When I arrived in West Africa in the late 90’s I found my love for natural dying on the locally woven cotton cloth called Bogolanfini, or ‘Mudcloth” . This fabric, along with natural indigo-dyed textiles became the medium that inspired Awanya.


Over the years I’ve had the honor to collaborate directly with amazing artisans to create my designs.  My collections have evolved into ever-changing selections of sophisticated, dynamic apparel and home decor with both traditional and modern elements. 

The rich texture of hand woven textiles inspire simple and sophisticated slow fashion. Each of my statement pieces is unique due to the hand dying of the fabrics. 

By wearing an AWANYA garment or bringing a decorative piece into your home, it is my intention to inspire a sense of connection and empowerment. The spirit of these textiles has a richness that I hope will enrich your life.

Offering, unique slow fashion, one-of-a-kind apparel, and stunning home décor

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