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Our bodies carry within them a unique intelligence beyond the mind; evolutionarily wisdom with everything we truly need.  Embodiment practices and mindfulness allow us to inhabit our bodies fully, to relish in the present moment and experience the richness of our lives.


By exploring the concepts of surrender, vulnerability, resiliency, and playful expression we can discover and celebrate our true self, and nurture that connection.

With over 20 years of experience, my goal is to connect with your body's innate wisdom, using intuitive touch and movement to clear stagnant energy and enhance your well-being. Through the variety of services I offer, we'll work together to tap into the transformative knowledge present within the body.

Whether you're looking to experience the serenity and balance that stems from massage and yoga sessions or the excitement and joy found inside the exhilarating world of drum and dance, I am here to support your self-expression and guide you to connect with your primal essence.


Allow me to support you in deepening your practice, enabling you to embrace and gently push beyond the edges. 

Asia Sikkila dancing with indigo background


Asia loves guiding her students through an immersive journey of movement and dance. “Rapture” is her distinctive practice which seamlessly fuses ecstatic dance with the fluidity of Vinyasa yoga, sculpting a soulful and spirited experience. This exploration of movement invites you on a transformative journey, leaving you with a sense bliss…

Join us at Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival

for my next workshop Aug 2-4... Info on the Events page.

indigo fabric

“You literally unravel, and uncoil with the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of your body, and it’s all very intuitive; mind body connection in a very different way.”


“The movements are so rich and delicious; you feel strengthened but at the same time loose and free. When I’m in her class I feel totally held in love but also feel a gentle push to a deeper place within me.”


“High energy and fun! Makes you feel young again.”

~ Valerie

Asia next to tree
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