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Asia Sikkila in hot water springs

My Story

As young as I can remember, I always knew there was more to life than this…

Like so many of us, my story begins and endures with some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable (abandonment, conditioning, cancer, divorce, and profound loss), and yet through it all, I found a way to stay in the lightness and flow of life through playfulness, movement, ceremony, and self-discovery. (I invite you to do the same with me as your guide.)

After high school, I attended college in Maine where I experienced my first taste of the profound healing offered during community ceremony during a sweat lodge facilitated by Native American elders. Spirit then connected me to a family of homesteaders who taught me the ways of the old and native crafts.


I traveled each winter with them to distant lands: Hawaii, Mexico and others. When I arrived in West Africa for the first time, I felt I had finally connected with the pulse of the divine feminine mother I so yearned for all of my life. I have maintained that connection since then.

Like a lotus emerging from the mud, knowing the sunshine, not society was to guide my way, I left college in pursuit of walking the path of most resistance – submerging myself into indigenous cultures to learn the ways of the world, healing my traumas through deep self-reflection, seeking expanded consciousness through ceremonial entheogenic plant journeys and being of service to others. 

Along the way, living in Senegal, California and other breathtaking places, I was formally and elder-trained in massage, yoga, midwifery and doula work, psycho-spiritual coaching, psychedelic medicine therapies, compassionate space holding, authentic ritual, tribal dance, sound healing, intuitive bodywork and so much more.


I also developed a textile company called Awanya, home-birthed 3 amazing children, and learned to appreciate the beauty in life lessons, the life force in every raindrop, and the healing power we hold in every breath we take.  

Through my own healing, training, and work with women around the globe, what I found was the innate wild woman warrior inside of me that I always knew was there.


As an archetype, I soothed her (collectively myself and through the women who engaged in my services, events and textiles) from cultural conditioning, offered her a new narrative, freed her from stagnation, and expressed her through movement, motherhood and the healing arts. 


From the textiles I create using authentic Malian cloth, to the women’s retreats I offer globally, to the yoga, dance and intuitive bodywork services I offer locally; my mission is to empower women to discover a more balanced, loving relationship with themselves, to reconnect with their authentic, divine feminine spirit, and to embrace life with joy, movement, and playfulness. 

I am deeply grateful for the gift of being able to share with my students the healing practices that have sustained me along my own healing journey.

indigo fabric

 “Asia is the brightest, joyous, most light-filled person I know. She brings this radiant energy with her everywhere she goes and isn’t afraid to express herself. I have attended her retreats, received bodywork, gone to her yoga classes, and worked with her after a psychedelic journey which brought up too much for me to handle on my own. I can tell you firsthand, this divine woman is on this planet to help other women heal and evolve. What a beautiful soul she is.”  - Debra T. 

Asia Sikkila next to brick wall
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